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Cold shower or would you rather have another coffee?


Are you one of those persons who find it hard to get out of bed in the morning and only feel your spirits awaken after the third or fourth cup of strong coffee? Yes, for the caffeine junkies among us, coffee is the no. 1 stimulant – and, it often has to be consumed to get over the famous afternoon slump! However, how much coffee is healthy? 

An alternative, as a substitute or alternate to coffee, can certainly be green tea. The caffeine content of green tea is significantly lower than in coffee, but with a longer-lasting effect. In addition, the green tea scores, due to the polyphenols contained, with other positive properties. Thus, green tea can be very helpful in losing weight and the anti-inflammatory effect of the tea is also remarkable.

Others swear by citrus fruits as an eye-opener after getting out of bed or ginger to boost and ramp up the metabolism!

For the tough ones among us, a cold shower in the morning is the best medicine to start the day well rested. Those who dare to do this – our respect is certain to them!

Yes, but as trivial as it sounds – water is the medium that actually makes us more concentrated and efficient – and you don’t even have to take a cold shower!

In fact, a large glass of water in the morning should be a must, just like brushing your teeth. Since our body loses water during the night, it should be replenished. This stimulates the circulation and the metabolism can work more easily. In addition, you immediately feel much fitter. 

Just try it out! You will be enthusiastic about it! By the way, the effect of water is not only limited to the morning. You can avoid afternoon slumps or a performance loss by drinking water repeatedly throughout the day. A bottle of water in your luggage or at work could be the solution.


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