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Fitness for desk workers


Are you also one of those persons who have decided to do more exercise this year to get fit, do something for your health and maybe get rid of a few extra pounds?

Not a bad idea, considering that, according to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), 42. 2 percent of Germans do not exercise enough. 

But as quickly as the resolution has been made, so quickly it moves farther and farther away.  After all, people have far too much on their plate – with work and family and the associated obligations, every day is quite busy. 

Nevertheless, the will is there – the gym bag packed in the trunk, with the intention – off to gym after work. But then unexpectedly a meeting comes in between, projects take longer than expected and instead of a fitness class – overtime is the order! All of a sudden the “weaker self” has an easy job – tomorrow is another day after all!

Being fit doesn’t require an intense and long workout. The good news: Short, intense workouts can actually be just as effective. Less than five minutes are sufficient to promote blood circulation, relax the joints and strengthen the muscles. Of course, this does not give you the much-desired six-pack, but it improves posture, prevents pain, e.g. in the back and neck area, and speeds up the burning of calories. These are just a few reasons to integrate exercise into your daily routine. 

There are many possibilities and recommendations on how to incorporate exercise into everyday life, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, biking to work, or getting off the streetcar or subway two stops earlier and walking the rest of the way ….. I can already see you rolling your eyes, waving away, and only mustering a weary smile for the advice. Understandably, many of us, myself included, can’t easily do without our cars because, for example, we work in the field service or have frequent out-of-office appointments and have to rush from one appointment to the next. Here are a few small exercises that I’ve discovered for myself when I’m stuck in a traffic jam, during long phone calls or in a meeting:

  1. For your abdominal muscles

Lift your legs so that your feet float slightly above the ground. Keep your back straight and do not support the position with your arms or hands. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times. This exercise is ideal during meetings or longer phone calls. 

  1. Gluteal and abdominal muscles

While sitting in the car, place your feet flat and parallel to each other on the floor and start pushing them down. At the same time, strain your gluteal and abdominal muscles, but don’t forget to breathe! Then relax and repeat.

  1. Strength training without equipment

This can also be effective. For example, if you press your palms against each other or interlock your fingertips and pull your hands apart, you will strengthen your back and chest muscles. 


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